Meet the Locals

Berbers  are ethnic groups  indigenous to North Africa , They are distributed from the Atlantic Ocean to the Siwa Oasis in Egypt, and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Niger river, in Morocco they have
traditionally occupied the area of the Rif mountains and the Atlas mountains and the Sous valley .Many Berbers call themselves some variant of the word imazighen (singular: Amazigh),  meaning “free
people” or “free and noble men”. Berbers speak three dialects ,tarifit ,Tamazight and tachlhit which is
the language that is widespread here in the high atlas, so as you take a look at THE LANGUAGE you will find some daily useful basic berber words that you can learn to enable you greet friendly hospitable
berbers when  you are with our local family and come across them on the way, and build your life time experience with them.

The Minimum Impact

The atlas mountains prove successful in attracting increasing numbers of trekkers, yet by visiting these mountains and their communities, changes could be brought, so it ‘s important to make efforts to
minimise the impact by considering our actions and decisions that might affect the physical and cultural environment of the atlas mountains so take these tips into account:

waste management:take out what you carry in. limit deforestation keep water clean protect fauna and flaura avoid erosions by staying on the trail and respect fields and crops photogragh with sesitivity so ask permission first. respect holy places respect local customs avoid revealing clothes in the villages.

Responsible tourism principles

Assess economic, social, and environmental impacts before developing tourism and exercise preference for those forms of development that benefit local communities and minimise negative impacts on local
livelihoods. we strive to create a better place for you and for the community and for our staff and try our best to provide more profession opportunities for the villagers to improve their living standards. By enabling our guests to fully explore the local community and to soak up all the beauty, we hope that you will take home a deeper understanding of our culture and our people.

Thus we urge and enable our guests to:

  • Visit local houses and places of cultural interest.
  • Encourage children to learn by giving them notebooks, pens.
  • Share and enjoy meals with local people.
  • Visit local craftsmen and their workshops.
  • Support centres that offer apprenticeship to disabled women.

How traditional rugs are made

In our authentic toubkal lodge we have several antiquities and tools that reflect a living standard and way of life of the berbers.such as ,the grindstone ,a plough ,lanterns ,in addition to carpets and rugs tools as carding ,spinning tools and a loom .so the local family will show, explain and share with you how to make the rug with its patterns and symbols .