About Us

We are a small local family whose head are Igdem lahcen and El houssain, both are brothers, Berbers of origin and raised in the High Atlas and Imlil is our home.

El houssain has been at the helm of the kitchens of some of the top agencies in Morocco, he is a very experienced cook who has dedicated his life to exploring all of the traditional Moroccan cuisines from every region of the country.

Lahcen also was infatuated by the art of cookery since his childhood, after he had finished high school education, Lahcen joined a hotelier school where he improved his potentials and got his most valuable experience. He has worked with many restaurants and got many diplomas, moreover, Lahcen speaks Berber, Arabic, French and English.

We are incredibly excited to offer you the tastiest local dishes and would invite you beforehand to take part in the cooking process and learn how your meals are made.

Our passion lies not in the promotion of mass tourism, but on the quality of your experience during your stay with us. Our key aim is to provide you with unique experiences that truly allow you to see, feel and taste the essence of what is Morocco. Relaxing after a class, to the serenity of the Mediterranean, the rugged Atlantic coast, the High Atlas Mountain and of course the excitement of Marrakech, the rolling dunes of the Sahara, and the spectacular gorges and valleys of the Atlas mountains, let Imlil Authentic Toubkal Lodge help you to experience all Morocco has to offer.

We aim to

  • Provide comfortable surroundings
  • Provide the map of the region & info
  • Provide a warm hospitality
  • Serve delicious foods that have been sourced locally and prepared with care and passion
  • Provide opportunities for you to meet with local people and understand their ways of life
  • Environmental respect.. Environmental Policy…National park-flora and fauna, leave no trace, educate you of the fragile existence (water, litter, health, local projects and associations, sustainable travel, fair pay for local employees, sanitation, pollution, opportunities for women, water consumption
  • Provide a warm and hospitable home for you stay whilst you study the geology or geography of the region.
  • Provide you with an internet connection to check your E-mails etc.

From cooking classes, to one-day excursions, multi-day tours, or special events, we are ready to create a customised dream itinerary that works perfectly just for you!