Bread Making

Moroccan households have an oven; almost every neighborhood has a community oven where people take their bread dough to be baked. In the countryside, every family has its own traditional oven made of mud and clay.bread has several names and takes many rolled shapes ,with flour, yeast, salt and water all the ingredients are mixed then with both hands we knead it into a dough and finally into a flat rolled dough that we bake inside the earthen oven, it is really delicious and different from that you eat in MARRAKECH.

After the cookery lesson you can sit back and sip Moroccan mint tea and wait for your day’s labour to form into a delicious, home cooked, fresh meal. it is a fun and exciting cooking experience in a Berber town .Whichever course you choose, our goal is for all of our travelers to go home with some new recipes, new techniques and wonderful memories.